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House Hunting

Bob and I have been searching like mad for a house or flat. We've seen eleven all told, and discarded many more just from reading a bit about their location or price.

Though we were confident we'd find a place, we were each getting worried because we couldn't quite agree on which flats we liked. Finally we found what I thought was an incredible house with a three minute walk to the Ealing Broadway Tube station. It looked really nice, had two reception rooms (American: living rooms), a decent kitchen, two large bedrooms on the first floor (American: second floor) and a converted loft on the second floor (American: third floor). Attached to the kitchen is a beautiful conservatory with a lovely glass roof, perfect for a breakfast nook and there's a lovely, private garden out back. On top of that, it seems under priced for the area by a couple of hundred pounds per month.

As we left, I knew it was where I wanted to live, but then Bob spoke up. He asked if I wanted to have another look at the "garden flat". It was a decent flat we had seen earlier in the day, but with an incredibly gorgeous garden out back. I loved the garden, but really didn't care about the flat. My heart sank. Once again, Bob and I weren't quite agreeing. I said "sure, let's go". So we did.

After touring it once again, Bob asked what I think. I replied "top choice, hands down, is the house we just left."

Bob sighed in relief. It was his top choice, too. We just made an offer and it was accepted a couple of hours later. We move in May 11th. We now have a home.

Oh, and I can have a cat, too :)

After a bit of negotiating, I'll pay a bit more and get the master bedroom (the other one is still a decent size). It has an en suite bathroom, but you can't walk directly into it because you have to walk through the large wardrobe to get to it. This place has so many fantastic nooks and crannies and just plain old quirks that it feels wonderful.
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Cool! You can give me your new address so I can send that package next month I promised you! Sorry, forgot all about it in the bustle over here. Hope you settle in well! Hugs!
Does that mean there's no more stress about your job?
I'm really happy for you. It sounds like a lovely place and being close to the Central Line will make such a difference. :)
I want peeectures! And an address for that care package that has slowly been growing over the course of the year....
Excellent news! Hotel living must have been wearing on you by now.

What sort of cat are you going to get? If you want an abyssinian I know a nice lady who sells them :)
good choice
Well u chose well... Ealing is a excellent place to live in London.