Knife Man


Tonight, I hung out with London Perl Mongers. When we get together, we all throw money into the "kitty" and when it's time for a round, someone goes up with the kitty, gets the round and pays for it out of that. Then it was my turn.

For the second night in a row, I've gone out and encountered an incredibly hot Brazillian working at a restaurant (different ones, though). Slobber, slobber, slobbber.

I asked where she was from. She asked where I was from. Chat ensued. I received the change for the order and tossed it into the kitty. Then she started laughing at me. Seems I was so focused on her that I tossed the change into someone's beer without noticing.

I swear if I keep this up I'll never have another date.
So what stopped you from asking her out? She might have laughed because she thought what you did was cute (ok, and a little strange, weirdo).
You would have won me over, had you been flirting with me. I don't have to be Brazilian, do I?
No you'll get dates if you keep doing that kind of thing cause it's so adorable.
Just the perfect chance, and you wasted it!
Dear Ovid,

I doubt seriously that the girl had ever received such a compliment from a client before. You was nice, human, sensible, distracted, and genially funny all because of her. She loved all this, for sure. And, as a brazilian guy, I can say I know what I'm talking about...

Get back to the pud and ask her, she will remember you and you will have your date.

I wish I could be that negligent with money because of a girl again... :-)

Luis Motta Campos, a.k.a. Monsieur Champs