Knife Man

Stupid Goffs!

You know, while I love goth/industrial, sometimes the lyrics are so cliché as to be embarrassing, as demonstrated by this verse from song I'm currently listening to:

In a hot and wet summer night
Stunned by the sound of the falling rain
On the floor she falls asleep
While her blood runs down the drain

I cringe when I hear crap like this.
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The king of this category has to be Front Line Assembly. Good music, with utter crap lyrics.
Goth music is a creature of extremes, either amazingly good or horrifyingly cheesy. I've yet to find any that's in the middle.
You ever hear Black Tape for a Blue Girl's "Knock Three Times"? It's so cheesy and horrible, I don't know whether to cry or laugh. I hope it's supposed to be this bad.

"The world grew dark
Insane men ruled
Our stomachs kept on grumbling
But we had fun
We danced a lot if you don�t count all that stumbling.
She was so cute in a why-don't-you-put-some-on-meat-on-those-bones� kinda way, kinda way. "
You know, if stuff like that has a heavy, grinding beat and you can't make out the lyrics, I just dance and forget it. However, I often wear headphones at work and I hear that stuff loud and clear and I wince when it comes on.
I'll download something I heard at a club and then be completely embarrassed when I suddenly realize the lyrics are saying; usually in front of someone else.
That was in a Hallmark card i got for Valentine's Day from my ex-wife once!