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I'm in Hell

I don't believe it. When I first flew over here, I landed in Dublin. I went through customs and when I got to London, I immediately called to check in with the Home Office (a branch of the British Government, basically), to let them know I had arrived. You see, when you arrive on a work permit, they have to have an officer on hand to verify all of your paperwork. They didn't have one at my entry point at Heathrow because I had already cleared customs in Dublin and was at the domestic flights entry, not the international flights entry.

I asked the gentleman on the phone who I needed to check in with and he said he didn't know. Since I cleared customs in Dublin, he thought that was all I needed to do.

He was wrong.

Two police officers arrived at the hotel today. It appears that they finally noticed I hadn't checked in and I'm now an illegal alien. I have 18 hours left in England and then I have to catch a plane back to New York (they're paying for it, so I can't even go back to Portland!)

They say it's just paperwork and I can reapply once I'm back in my home country, but not only do they have no idea how long that will take, they don't even know if my time in country will count towards my residency requirements :(

Now I have to call my work. They don't know that I'm not coming in tomorrow. I can't fucking believe this. I have to get packed like mad and then figure out what the hell to do once I arrive at JFK airport. My entire life just got royally fucked.
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