On the off chance that I did go to Convergence in my beloved Portland, Google has fascinating instructions on how to get there (Their Earth to Mars directions are relatively easy, in comparison).

In other news, two nights ago I went out to Camden Town with mates and got pissed in a pub. I think I like Camden. A lot. Even the part where we carried one of us out of the pub (I took the feet).

I'm just trying to figure out how the pub deserves it's own page on Wikipedia. It's a frickin' pub, fer cryin' out loud!
I'm really trying to work out why you have to go to France before you can swim across the Atlantic Ocean but my geographical knowledge is so far failing me.
The Worlds End is not just any pub. It's THE WORLDS END!

Still by far the best pub in Camden, although there are a multitude of places to choose from.
Camden is always my favourite choice for London Nightlife (and daylife really), but it's annoyingly far away from where we're based.
It's not hard to be the best pub in Camden, but it still deserves a page because of its association with the Underworld.
That step 37 is a doozy.

37. Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 mi

Those guys at Google really do seem to have good times.
You're going to convergence?! Maybe? Possibly? *dies*

I wish I lived close enough to go. There's a vendor that usually releases special convergence oils which were sooo amazing last time, but I can't justify flying to Portland just for some perfumes. I'll just sit up here in Canada and be envious of you :P
Yes! Come to Convergence! Although I won't be at Convergence proper... but I'll still be in Portland that weekend and would be happy to give you hugs!