So, if you've always wished you could be a psychiatrist, would that be genus envy?

In other news, if you're adventurous, you can buy coffee beans shat out a marsupial's ass. Allegedly it's pretty tasty, but I think they're not adventurous enough. Let's buy coffee shat out a super-model's ass! Who wouldn't pick up a bag at your local Starbucks with a picture of a glowing Kate Moss on the cover with a pseudo-personalized "a gift from me to you" lovingly printed on the bag of coffee (which, due to health regulations, could not actually be served at Starbucks)?

In other news, the coffee here at work may be awful, but I'm feeling grateful now.
Life's a bit hectic, but it's going very well right now. All things considered, I have few complaints. London, I might add, is awesome!

How 'bout you?
I am doing quite well, I just recently started getting regular visitation of my son. It's so fucking cool. I always feel like i don't have enough time for anything anymore, but i'll manage.
speaking of love
after brewing many pots of stumptown holler mountain, i was challenged to pick up something "a little bit different":

equal exchange - love buzz

i highly recommend it. the whole office has been raving about it :)
I'm proud of you bro! You're truly demented! Can't be in this family and not be! LOL
I'm not the greatest coffee fan, but I tried some of the marsupial-shit coffee in Ireland, and it quite tasty, in a shit-coffee kind of way.