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Not posting so much lately, so here's a quick recap of last weekend:

  • Show up at the party at 9:00 PM last Saturday.
  • Have "Alice" later apologize to me for her drunken behavior.
  • Notice an earring missing. Wonder if Alice swallowed it.
  • Leave the party at 6 the next morning because the party is still going and I need sleep.
  • Discover that the Tube apparently isn't open at that time of the morning, so I call a cab.
  • My still very drunk self realizes how stupid this is as I wind up paying 60 quid for a cab ride to the hotel I am still living in.
  • Sometime after 7 in the morning, reeking of cigarettes and booze and still somewhat drunk, I stumble bleary-eyed into the hotel, only to be greeted by our sexy Hungarian receptionist.
  • That's when I realize I have a date with her later that day. Oops.
  • Fortunately, she's doesn't mind. Thank god.

I might add that our date was in an area of Southall (near London) called "Little India". Absolutely fantastic Indian food. It was fun listening to my date, in her broken English, try to order from a wait who also didn't speak English well.

Notice an earring missing. Wonder if Alice swallowed it.

Brilliant. :)
Alice apologised? Tough break. :(

I'm feeling very crap at the moment because it's Synthetic Culture tonight and I promised to take you but I'm currently broke.
I thought you hated indian food???? LOl Remember Bohemian Rhapsody? I can't find that but it was funnier then all git out! LOL Proceeding to get blitzed myself but not sure if I can take it.....probably won't. I hate myself the next day...or two.....or ....... ;)