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No news is bad news

In my last journal entry, I pointed out how a local paper, the Portland Tribune had published a racist editorial. Not only was the editorial basically a cheap swipe at the African-American community, the author, possibly deliberately, chose to present statistics out of context in order to bolster his point of view.

Today, the next edition of the Tribune came out. I checked the Letters to the Editor and saw, not surprisingly, that mine was not published. What did surprise me is that not a single letter about that was published. There could be several reasons for this: the Tribune demographic does not include many black people, everyone was apathetic about the editorial (or perhaps agreed with it), or the Tribune felt that no letters were worth publishing. Possibly mine was the only complaint about the editorial. As it stands, I can see the newspaper not publishing anything if they don't get many replies. I am curious, however, to know if they did get many replies and simply chose not to publish dissent.

Frankly, it's disheartening to think that racism, whether passive or malevolent, is so common in Portland that this passes unnoticed. We are, however, the whitest major city in the United States, so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.
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