Phone troubles

It was more than a little disturbing to discover that my phone, despite having 'locked keys', sent picture text messages to random people in my phone book. Fortunately none of the pictures on my phone were compromising, but there were a few very confused people out there.
The camera button on my (clamshell) phone is exposed even when it is closed, and it is not locked when keylock is active. It would be amusing to accidentally send picture messages to random people in my phonebook of a completely black image :-P
I bet it has a little slider switch to move the lens cover, and also to activate the camera functions.
At least on the SE W800i the office furnished me with this also seems to deactivate the keylock.

Some moron probably thought that there was no chance of that slider switch being moved when you stuffed it into a pocket...

I'll soon have to cut a couple of pieces of plastic and stick aroun the switch with crazy-glue to protect it.
(The first time I did something like that was on a Metz blitz with an unprotected test-button and auto on/off. It tended to discharge whenever I stuffed it into the camera bag, which caused to to wake up and recharge, wasting batteries. )
With my old phone, if I didn't lock the keyboard when I put it in my pants, my pants would call my wife. ;)