Comment of the Week

While chatting with a lady who works in our building:

Lady: Where are you from?
Me: Originally Texas, but I moved here from Oregon.
Lady: You're an American?
Me: Yes.
Lady: Oh. You're so polite I thought you must be Canadian.
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... that's funny

What I think is weird is that it is Ok to answer with a state when asked where we're from, and not just say "the U.S.A." Why we expect foreigners to know all 51 of our internal administrative districts, and even more, that they really DO know them boggles my mind.

I mean, if I asked a Brit where they were from and they said "East County Nowhereshire, Piss-on-Trickle" I really wouldn't have a clue.
I've tried answering "the USA", but they always follow that up with "but where in the USA?" You're right. It's very strange.
To be fair, the UK could fit inside a small state. It makes a much bigger difference if you're from California or New York than London or Bolton.
I love it.

Canadians have actually been getting a worse rap in the last decade because people from the US have been sewing Canadian patches and maple leaf insignias onto their travel gear in order to get better service (of course only someone obnoxious would do that, so it never ends well.)

I'd love it if you were Canadian! I don't think I'm allowed to make you an honorary Canadian in any way that would stick...
It's true - you're far too polite and well mannered to fit any Brit's stereotype of an American ... and there's a distinct lack of loud patterned shirts too ...
Oh, I have at least one shirt which fits that bill. Seems there's this guy named Schwern whose shirt travels around the world and gets auctioned off. Long story. Don't ask.