In London

Haven't posted in a bit as I have just moved to London and things have been rather busy. The new offices are up and running and despite a few minor quirks, work is getting done.

I've just been contacted by a conference in Copenhagen which is wondering if I'd be interested in speaking there (well, yes. Duh!). There's no guarantee, but if it goes through, they might cover my costs. That could mean I'd be speaking at both Vienna and Copenhagen this year. Whee! My Vienna talk hasn't been accepted yet, so I don't know if that one will happen yet, but I'm hopeful. There's also discussion of making some of my code one of the core testing tools shipped with the Perl language, so needless to say, there's been a heck of a lot going on in my life.

I'll try and have more updates later.
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So amazing! Right now I'm in the planning stages of arranging my externship. I also was almost offered a job at a spa in the alps but just a smidge too little experience. :(
Do you have somewhere to stay in Copenhagen? I think my friend still owns a flat there and he currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria.
So when do I get your new snail addy???? I still have a package I didn't send at christmas.