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A Symptom a Day ...

When I got this, on Tuesday, I was tired.

On Tuesday night and through Wednesday, I had developed a fever. And am still tired.

On Thursday, same symptoms plus a runny nose and very sore throat. Started chewing on my chapped lips and cutting my hair.

Today, was bonus day. I got two major symptoms for the price of one. I'd rather not describe the first symptom, but it made me notice and be grateful for the second: I've lost my sense of smell. Eating isn't fun because I can't taste anything and my lips are sore from being chapped and chewed on.

Unfortunately, since I was moving, I made sure to not have a lot of food in the house so I braved going out to get a few items. As I walked back to my flat, my bag of food under my arm, I wondered what I bought. I kept forgetting. After I put it away, I tried to figure out if I was hungry but I couldn't tell so I ate anyway. And then there was that weird spot on my left arm where hot water in the shower felt ice cold. It went away after a bit but I'm just feeling really strange right now. Fortunately, physically I feel a bit better, -- I even slept a bit today -- but having no sense of smell and and being very forgetful is rather disconcerting.

Hell, given that I was only at work for about two hours on Wednesday, that pretty much makes three days off for being ill. When I was in my early twenties, I worked one job for three and a half years without missing a day of work. While I'm not that crazy any more, I still don't like calling in sick. I can't remember the last time I took this many days off for being ill.

Oh, wait. Yes I can. It was over a decade ago at a job that pdx42 arranged for me. _sister_madly_ gave me the chicken pox. Thanks _sister_madly_!

I'm just hoping this clears up by Monday when I need to be in London. I'm hopeful for better sleep tonight, but I've run out of cough syrup and my runny nose is back with a vengeance.
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