Youth For Service

And now for something to make you smile. Being home sick gives me time on my hands, so I can share my boredom with you! Ignore the bit with the California Attorney General. The rest of this is wonderful.

Awesome- I did a doubletake when I saw that it was a project of the American Friends Service Committee. Go Quakers. :)

Apparently California AFSC still has similar youth programs going on, though I couldn't find much about what happened to Youth For Service.
That was worth 20 minutes of my life. No religious axe to grind? No political axe to grind? Do such organizations even exist any more?
At one point I found myself turning to Sean and making a comment along the lines of 'Yeah, but can you imagine trying this with the gangs today?' and then I realized that was probably *exactly* what the bulk of the viewing population thought at the time this was made.
Reality checks are a good thing.