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What awful, awful timing :(

So I have a lot to do to get ready for my impending move to London. Anything which interferes with that is a Bad Thing. So here's what's interfering.

This morning, I woke up and my lungs felt rather tight and my voice was a tad raw, kind of like I had been smoking all night long. I wasn't, but at lunch time, I went down to Boots and bought some nicotine patches. I am, as usual, sick of smoking.

I went back to work and immediately put one of my patches on and gave my smokes to another programmer. About half an hour later, I felt like I could hardly move. I've worn patches before and these appear to be the same thing, but I figured I'd just work through it, even sending an email to my boss letting him know what was going on.

I got home tonight, ate a bit of dinner and now at 7:30 PM, I'm already in bed. As soon as I took of my clothes and crawled under the covers, I got hit with a massive shivering fit and my body aches all over. I don't think it's the patch. I think it's the flu.

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