Sili Valley prices! I like how many Britishisms are stuffed into that one opening paragraph, too.
Dude, I just bought a 2000SF home in close-in NE Portland for that.

Pounds are expensive! That's simply unbelievable!
Hmm. Kind of reminds me of that studio apartment I had downtown (although at least that was cheap).
It's me again....Well, I guess you won't have room for company. On the bright side won't take long to clean.......
Your sis saucee
On a more useful note, in case you haven't discovered Gumtree, it was my site-of-choice back when I thought I was moving to London. I found the listing to be better-organized and greater in number than Craigslist.
Is that above an appliance store?
Now I feel better about the overpriced piles of junk I'm considering buying ...
Good luck with that
There was a very similar place like that on the Portland news last night! Intersting.