An Inconvenient Carbon Calculator

Just to get a wee bit of perspective on what it takes to meet carbon targets, you can check out personal carbon calculators. If this one is to be believed, it's understandable why so many people are annoyed by this. Forget about flying, heating your home, taking even public transport (much less driving), or eating anything not native to your local area.

Of course, that calculator is rather simplistic, but just working through a few of them gives you an idea of how much of a lifestyle change many would have to make to achieve reasonable carbon levels. Being spoiled, I doubt many will do this.
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Currently, most of us in the "developed" world are living in La-La land. We are enjoying the fruits of a once-in-a-billion-year's fossil fuel bonanza, which will end in our lifetimes, or in our childrens lifetimes at the very latest. We might as well be annoyed with the tide for coming in. Its gonna happen, however much we stamp our feet and demand our intercontinental flights and SUVs to take us to the supermarket down the road...

Its not a question of *if* people will scale back their resource use. Its a question of when, and how, and whether we do it in a rational, phased way, or as a panic reacion to climate change and wars fought over resource shortages that we so should have seen coming.

Likewise, not optimistic.... :(

Yeah, people won’t change their lifestyle. Nature will change their lifestyle for them.

Ever hear that joke?

Two planets meet up somewhere in the universe. One says to the other: “Wow, you don’t look all that well, are you sick?” Says the other: “Yeah, I have homo sapiens.” Says the first: “Oh, sorry to hear. Don’t you mind though; it passes.”