Hard at work

Hotel 55 In London

My hotel is booked. Starting on January 29th, I'll be working in London and staying at Hotel 55 in Ealing, London, until I get things sorted.

Now to get packing.
good luck to you! it must be hectic moving all the time, but London is an exiting city.
how did you survive the storm?
The storm wasn't too bad for me. I lost my glasses, barely managed to keep my umbrella in one piece (though there was one point where I was frantically holding onto a rail and trying to close my umbrella in winds that were blowing people over).

It was great meeting you. If you ever get to London, look me up.
Hmm. Monday? Or sunday, even - I'm finished at 18:00 - so could be in town for about 20:00...
Shout me via texticles during the day with plans, in that case. You still got my number?
Re: Welcome to town
Damn. On one hand, I am definitely not a fan of vandalism. On the other hand, that's some pretty damned good art.

Sorry I've been such a slug about keeping in touch. I'm known for it.
They'll pay for that for four months for you? Damn, I want to work for your company.
Ooh, they have a "stylish 24-hour lounge bar". And the room they feature on the website looks chocolatey. Have fun. :)
Re: London.pm
I do hope to be able to get there. Sounds like a great chance to possibly meet a few more people who I know online but not in real life (of course, that could possibly involve me ducking a few punches, but I'll deal with that as it comes).
good luck with the move!!! one of my best friends in the whole world wants to go to London with me, as an old flame of hers just moved there....she's trying to talk me into a March trip... hmmmmmm