Watch for Ice

Bad Weather

Bad weather in the UK today. We're having wind gusts up to 80 MPH. At least one person has died.

I just bought new glasses a few weeks ago and they were blown away and I couldn't find them because I was blind. Fortunately I've a backup pair.

My umbrella, was useless in the rain and many people, including myself, repeatedly had to grab railings or poles to keep from getting blown over. At one point I heard a lady scream and turned around and saw that she had been blown over while crossing the street at a busy intersection. Fortunately she struggled to her feet and got to the other side of the road as I was too far away to help her.

Next week temperatures are expected to drop significantly with snow and ice to follow, to be followed shortly by a Labor inquiry into why the police have not given the weather an Asbo.
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Anti-social behavior order. A way for courts to impose arbitrary restrictions on people (normally teenagers) who act in an anti-social way. Dubious on a human rights point of view.

He's not gone native. You can tell by the way he still spells the Labour party without the "u".
British spelling of "ass-bow", a popular decoration on prom gowns in the mid-to-late-80s.
Considering kids are using Asbo's as badges of honor, I wouldn't recommend the police to start handing them out to Mother Nature... It might just encourage her.
I usually lurk in your journal but I figured you might like this guy's blog about the artificially inflated prices of eyeglasses:

If you have your full prescription information you can just have them make you a pair (or three) for considerably less than a single pair anywhere else. If I still wore glasses (had laser surgery a while ago) I'd buy some. Alas, my eyes aren't perfect but it's much easier to deal with slightly imperfect vision than glasses 24/7.