Space Station


Next time I have a remote conference with coworkers, I want it to be on a Quake III Arena server so I can shoot them when they say something stupid.
That'd allow for the shooting if someone says something stupid, unless the zone is no-combat.

Then you could just pelt them with penises instead. (Link is safe for work)

I don't know what'd be worse. :D
Excellent idea. Cutting down loquacious colleagues in a hail of bullets or molten shrapnel would be frowned upon normally, but under those circumstances could certainly be an encouragement to brevity.
You can do that in Second Life. Except the weapons are funnier. Drop an anvil on a fellow employee's head anyone?
There are cagers too. Those can be horribly annoying. :D

I have one weapon that seems to have a unique property, in that it not only cages you, but then sends you flying a couple of miles off into the atmosphere. It's very glitchy but amusing nonetheless.