Nighttime Photos

Last night's sky was fabulous, so I've decided to experiment a bit more with taking photos at night. It's difficult as my camera isn't great and I have to be very careful to ensure that the photos come out clear, but here they are.

Looking south from inside my flat.

Same view, but from my terrace.

Looking southwest from inside my flat.

Same view, but from my terrace.

Looking southeast from my terrace.

Looking east from my terrace.

This might sound silly, but part of what amazes me about these photos is how beautiful I think they are (even though they're rather poor quality). Part of that is the "European mystique", I suppose, but I still find myself walking down the street and then feeling immensely happy to be living in Europe. I confess, though, that this is a poor substitute for Sean and Lil. I miss them terribly. There are others I miss, but without those two, Europe's still a bit of a lonely place.

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Those are lovely, babe. The reds and the angles are starkly stunning. Thanks for sharing
Gorgeous photos. Oh yes, the European mystique.. I need to go back.

Sorry to hear that you are missing Sean and Lil so badly. (Not that I blame you they are great people)
Wonderful photos - but still laughing about the "European mystique" as from the pics I can tell that you live in the building I used to get cheap cloth from about a decade ago when the Lace Market was so picturesque it was virtually falling down!
Zeb :)