Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Tidbits of Life

Various things:

I received my business cards from the The Perl Foundation today. Oddly, the box had been ripped open and taped back together. I was wondering if maybe Homeland Security Blanket was checking to make sure it wasn't bundles of money or something. Nope. Seems they weighed too much. The guy mailing the cards opened the box, removed about 20 of them and that dropped the shipping cost from $27 to $14.

In other news -- oh, wait -- I don't know if that's news yet. Looks promising, but I don't know, so I won't say.

The previous comment wasn't work related, but this is: I'm probably staying with my current employer. It was looking a bit haphazard for a bit with many programmers deciding they weren't going to relocate with the company. Everyone was out looking for work and it was some bizarro version of musical chairs where you didn't want to be the last person with a seat.

Despite having another job offer at a considerably higher salary, it actually turns out that I'll make more money at the lower salary. It's incredibly complicated and deals with the timing of my receipt of my first bonus affecting my taxes, the fact that I've only been in the country for six months, tax-free relocation expenses and a few other tidbits that got complicated enough I had to write some software to figure out which was the better deal. My current employer is a better deal for about 15 months and, since it looks like they've come through and managed to keep all but one of the development team, I'm quite happy to stay where I am. Plus, it doesn't threaten my work permit (my biggest consideration).

And we had a company Christmas party. One employee received a black eye. Another was ejected from a club for trying to help out and yet a third was ejected for having the audaciousness of wearing a Santa hat to a Christmas party. You would not believe how frickin' anal-retentive dress codes are around here. More than once I've been turned away despite wearing a dress shirt, nice leather dress shoes, a wool and cashmere overcoat, gloves, and a scarf. I looked (dare I say it?) "posh". However, my blue jeans nixed the deal. Many clubs will not let you in with blue jeans no matter how well dressed you are. Oh, and I've been denied entry to a club because I didn't have a date. And perversely, one friend was denied entry to a club because he was wearing a tie. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Oh, and I switched my virtually unused myspace account to myspace.co.uk. Immediately I started getting friend requests from complete strangers, yet who have very legitimate looking profiles. Still, the unused myspace account is the one account I have where I have met every person on my friends list. No virtual friends there.

Tonight's dinner: a grilled ham and cheddar with a bottle of Duvel to wash it down. Yum!
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