Looking for a hot time?

When pondering a personal situation, I often find I have the munchies. After careful consideration, I realized today's personal situation required corn chips and salsa, so I head to Tesco's. Hmm, two brands. One is this "gourmet" pesto and purple basil crap with so much sugar it would pass for tomato pudding.

So I reach for the other salsa and pause -- do I want mild, medium, or hot? And then the cultural adviser in the back of my head whispered, "you're in the UK, moron." The word "hot" is used in the sense I might use the word lithe to describe Roseanne Barr: by strict definition it might be true, but don't bet on it.

Sure enough, I get home and am dipping my corn chips in chunky ketchup. I would kill for one of those craptastic Mexican diner cheese enchilada and refried beans dinners.
I remember that situation. Tortillas are considered 'exotic' and priced accordingly. Salsa, yeah... gross. Best to make your own
That actually surprises me... considering the affinity for vindaloo many people had when last I visited.
Oh, and as an aside... I think I'll head to Juan Colorado's tonight for a nice carne asada dinner. Heh.
We do tend to understate the chilli over here. I recommend the Encona scotch bonnet chilli sauce as a condiment to add a little warmth, and indian or pakistani grocers will generally sell the real item if you want to DIY. I have seeds for a particularly agressive variety called "ring of fire" if you are interested in growing your own :D
Why not make your own salsa? It's fairly simple. Can you get chilis or habanero peppers easily?

I'm getting hungry. That tears it: I'm making a chili in the next week for sure.
OH honey. Send me your snail mailing addy: brujakitty at gmail dot com

I'll send you some salsa. Seriously.
Ugh. I just realized I never answered this. I'd love some proper salsa. However, now that I'll be moving next week, I won't have an address for a while :(
Make your own!
It's not that hard :-)

And yes - UK pre-packaged Mexican food is lousy. You need to learn to like Indian food (which is much nicer than the stuff that gets called curry in the states if my experiences are anything to go by :-)

Did the YAPC::EU dinner do nothing to convince you?


I agree with kino_kid, make your own.
I hope you don't get any tornados coming your way.
Well, it makes it easier to know what to get you for christmas....LOL Hi bro. Still to lazy to reset my freakin password. How bad is that?
I had a similar experience in Spain. I could only find Doritos brand salsa which at least reminded me of the real stuff and it was such a treat -and bloody expensive. By the end of my time there I was seriously craving anything spicy (especially Mexican food..)
I will learn to be grateful for Taco del Mar, instead of always wondering, "Why did I buy this??" Same for those late-night, desperate purchases of Amy's microwaveable organic cheese enchilada and refried beans dinners :) which taste kind of like cardboard with melted cheese (I can't figure what they use for "Mexican" spices, but it's awfully bland.)

Poor Ovid!!! There should be an emergency airlift to the U.K. with fire-roasted poblano chilis, tortillas and REAL salsa (chunky ketchup, oh my gawd).
Though I do, er, um, have a certain fondness for microwaveable cheese enchilada dinners. Don't tell anyone! (Of course, I no longer own a microwave)