More Evidence That Scientology Is Evil

You know, I honestly don't go looking for this stuff, but when I came up on Digg, I couldn't help but click. The behavior of these scientologists is absolutely repugnant. How can anyone think that this insulting behavior, physical intimidation and general verbal abuse is appropriate behavior?

So I had to go looking and it seems this isn't that unusual. It's apparently something called "bullbaiting", a term Hubbard co-opted. One or more scientologists get very abusive and offensive to make others lose their temper. If it's something that they practiced in house, that would be their business, but to subject others to it? Disgusting.

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I couldn't agree more.. from the reincarnation point of view, these folks have a lot more times to go around before they get it right.. :(
It's VERY effective, and if a moderator of some sort steps in to break it up AFTER it has deteriorated, whoever used the technique can usually get away with it because the baiter is never the one to punch first, and that's what they'll ask about...

Thankfully we have a few laws about religions here in Norway...

some REALLY fun paragraphs in 'Law about religious communities and assorted others' is

§1 Everyone has the right to practice religion alone or together with others, and to form communities as long as etiquette is not breached.
(In other words, do what you want, but don't be an ass about it.)

§2 No one can bind themselves legally to a religious community or order. Also, no one can bind others to such. (In other words: Legal papers where they sign over all their future earnings are at best of dubious legal value... And no, it's not a new paragraph... this law is from 1969 )

§4 Anyone under the age of 20 can not give a lifelong pledge to a religious community, monastery or similar community. It is also illegal to accept such a pledge.

That was the highlights of chapter I...

§12 A religious community must not use a name that can be confused with other religious communities.

§13 A religious community can be registered when they by their teaching doesn't conflict with laws or moral. Being registered gives both rights and duties as noted down in law.

§16 Registered religious communities must every year send the county governor a a brief about their doings and any changes in what is registered.

§17 Registered communities must immediately report to the county governor when a new priest, governor(whatever) is hired, moves or ends his service. (there's a bit about the governor supervising him, too)

§22 (and this is a real humdinger :-) If a registered community is dissolved or is removed from the registry for other reasons(that would be §21 about ignoring their duties, warnings about it and so on), the person responsible for keeping that community's records is to immediately hand them over to the county governor.
He will then make certain that they are properly filed in the correct public archives, with whatever limitations are currently in place for such books.

With that kind of laws, you may wonder why anyone would want their community registered...
1. They can claim from the government subsidies at the same rate as the state church,
(they may be requested to list social security numbers for all members, though, to check that they aren't also listed in other communities)
2. Only registered communities can wed couples.
3. Only registered communities can have sanctioned and blessed graveyards...

§24 He who is to become a priest or religious leader must not be under the age of 23 and not over the age of 75. He must live a honest life and have the means to keep up his duties to the law(vague. It may be about paying debts... Old style writing) The County governor can make exceptions to the age requirements. (don't you wish that the Catholic church were governed by a similar law? )

Their E-meters, though...
That is covered under what is known as the Humbug-paragraph...
(Yes, they've been taken to court over it)
How many today?
How many have been duped by this tactic just today I wonder?
Wow. Those guys have that same look in their eyes as Ted Haggard. What am I afraid of...people like them. *shudder*
I saw the same tactic from the white supremacists in Idaho - only they were the ones pointing a camera.
And really, it's a tactic frequently used by people who know that they can't win the argument based on logic.
Saucee again here....
Isn't Tom Cruise a part of this? He's one scary dude and a lot of impressionable people like him. Can you imagine the damage he can do to those that don't see how wierd this is?? I knew scientology was strange the first time I heard of it. Ovid knows my views and I'm not afraid to express them but I feel like I'm supposed to spread the word, not "RAM" it down your throat. Not very conducive to a good relationship with future worshippers of any faith.