Peter Jackson not allowed to make "The Hobbit"?

Having more than once read "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" as a child (I can still write in a variant of Tengwar I learned from the Silmarillion), I was quite pleased that Peter Jackson's epic "Lord of the Rings" trilogy was reasonably faithful to the books. He even worried over the pronunciation of the Elvish and Orcish tongues. I thought the films were great and didn't even get too terribly upset at the plot differences (hey, condensing those books into three movies was a Herculean task).

That's why I'm very disappointed that New Line appears to have removed Peter Jackson as director for "The Hobbit". In this case, it doesn't appear to be based on artistic considerations, but on monetary ones. They've sued him and he has asked to not make the film until the lawsuit is settled.

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They've sued him and he has asked to not make the film until the lawsuit is settled.

I understood that Wingnut sued New Line, and that Jackson didn't want to discuss The Hobbit until the lawsuit was resolved ... I figured this was simply to make it publicly clear that he didn't want to appear to be using the litigation leverage to force New Line to let him direct. However, it may have had the opposite effect: perhap's New Line's decision is in direct response to the lawsuit.
I wasn't sure. It seems to be screwing everything up anyway, regardless of who filed it. Personally, I was looking forward to one or more Jackson-directed prequels. :/
Damnit. That was the only one of the books that I actually made it through. I was really looking forward to his movie version!
Maybe fans of LOTR and Jackson's work should write New Line and tell them to settle the lawsuit and hire Jackson. I personally won't bother seeing The Hobbit if Jackson's group doesn't make it. Any other group would make it turn out looking as hokey as the recent Lion Witch and Wardrobe.
OMG that is just so wrong. New Line should get their asses in gear and settle the lawsuit. I doubt any group could do as fantastic a job as Wingnut. Not to mention of New Line makes it without Jackson, they're just not going to make as much money. I know I wouldn't pay to see it without Jackson directing and Wingnut producing all the effects.
Is it possible anymore to do anything without someone else throwing a wrench in the works?
Well that totally blows. I've been hoping for a long time that Jackson would do The Hobbit - I was really impressed by the visuals in the LOTR trilogy and all the dedication and hard work he and Weta put into it. I doubt anyone can match that for what New Line is likely willing to pay.