Sitting in an Internet cafe in Dublin, Ireland, right now. I don't have time to write more, but I will, and with pictures, after I get home.

But I do have to comment on this assessment of Afghanistan which suggests that Afghanistan is on the verge of collapse (hey, anyone remember Afghanistan?). What frustrates me about this is that in the years to come, when another corrupt, brutal administration comes to power and decides to wage war, they'll claim that the "mistake" we made in Iraq and Afghanistan was fighting two wars at the same time.
I hope you guys are having fun there! Say hi to C. for me and ask her if she remembered to vote before she left the country.
Well, fighting two wars at the same time certainly was dumb. Actively nurturing the conditions that gave rise to the Taliban in the first place was probably a worse "mistake"...

As a Brit, its embarassing for me that we too had a long-term hand in this. SAS troops trained the Mujahadeen. I'd recommend Carew's book, not because it is fantastically written, but because it is a pretty candid account by an ex-special services officer about recent historical events in Afghanistan, written over a year *before* 9/11. All those "terrorist training camps" we heard so much about? Guess who showed those guys the ropes?
Wow. I'm jealous again! You're not far from Dai. You should visit him! LOL