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Scientologists: just as boring as everyone else

The film maker Brett Hanover is no fan of Scientology. Working in close consultation with many ex-Scientologists and the folks over at Operation Clambake, he managed to put together an hour long film covering a young lady who had just achieved "Clear" status in Scientology. The movie is very slow and the story is dull, but according to this review and others like it I've read, the story does a good job of portraying what life is actually like for many Scientologists.

The author wanted people to watch this movie, so he released it free to the Web. So why didn't I link to it? Well, it's not on Google Video any more. Brett Hanover has apparently changed his mind. He's asking blog authors to remove entries about the movie (google cache is here). I hear he's also tried to get the movie pulled from Bit Torrent (I don't use BT, so I don't know if that's possible). If you go to his Web site, his "Films" link is also broken now. Seems that once the movie was released, the Scientologists weren't too happy about it. You can put two and two together on this one and I'm sure you'll reach the right answer. In the meantime, seems that still hosts the movie. Of course, you'll find the film deathly dull, but I think that was part of the point.

Didn't you even warn me against scientology? Can't remember right off. I know many others have to. Personally I think it's a cult like just about any other. I believe in Jesus Christ not religion. Big difference. Nuff said. If I missed your point well, you know me and I think we'll both get over it. hehehe says "The item is not available due to issues with the item's content."

You can put two and two together on this one ...

The Bridge
I'm the fellow who brought this up to Ovid. I have copies of the file on a server. Not publicly, for obvious reasons at this point. I am looking for a server in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Russia, or Greece, to host the file. These countries seem to be the least friendly to "The Parent Company".

The file is rather large, over 700MB.

In the mean time, if anyone would like me to transfer the file to them via ftp, skype, or some other means please let me know.

The Bridge
get it here:

Back on:
(low res)

Working Torrent:

You Are The Man Now Dog:
(download urls)

Freedom of speach is ended in the united states of america. Freedom of speach is alive and well in the Democratic Union of the Internet.

Download, copy and distribute.


Thankyou friend for allowing this topic on your journal, I will understand if you must remove it. Granted, I will go for the "Puric Victory" sooner than you, however, anyone who loves the free flow of information, so that others may make up their own minds, must, IMHO, charge forth into the field of doom. Do I enter the lion's den? Well, if so, my name is Daniel.



A copy of the film hosted on Google Video is linked from XenuTV. The same copy is linked from Scientomogy, which has a bunch of additional, but mostly dead, links. However, there are plenty more copies on Google Video, and it’s all over the BitTorrent networks, so it isn’t hard to come by. Google’s top-most hits for ["The Bridge" scientology] are Scientology sites, but the rest of the results page is all pages about the movie.

It seems pretty clear that all they will ever manage is to reduce the convenience of getting the film.

Is Brett Hanover a Christian propagandist?
I don't know, I'm trying to find out.

A lot of the brainwashed of other "faiths" love pointing to his movie as if it were proof that Scientology is the crazy one but they fail to see the irony of one nut job calling another nut job a nut job.

Oh, and I watched the movie while I was doing some work at home. It's not something I would sit down and watch just by itself but I actually was interested in it enough to watch the whole thing. But I also watched all of "Legally Blond" too... so who's REALLY the crazy one?