Work ...

Well, it's not a lot, but it appears that I have just picked up a week-long job starting next week. I'll be building a simple Web interface for for a company in Vermont. That's awesome because I really need the money. I went ahead and bit the bullet today and paid off every bill that I have (with the exception of a credit card that I'm paying down) and this extra cash is coming at a perfect time.

Now I need to figure out all of the legalities about being an independent contractor. I'm not looking forward to paying my own taxes and handling all of the paperwork, but it's better than starving.

I think my music means "You don't love me, I don't love you". Any German speakers care to clarify?
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Thank you.

I almost (almost) asked what the heck "hippo birdy" was :)

And I just misspelled almost as "almoist". Coffee is God. I must go worship now.

Incidentally, that icon's not Sister Mary Ketchup, is it?
Well, by stating that you had to actually think about hippo birdy, PLUS your pseudo-freudian slip of almost, you have indicated JUST how good a time you had last night! Kill those brain cells! die die!

And no, this, my friend, is Nunzilla. She may be a distant cousin of S.M.K, we can trace the family trees at a later date.

Do you love Archie McPhee as much as I do? This is where I found her. She means business.