Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Liberal Politics in the UK

Given that "liberal" politicians in the US are so timid, it's refreshing to hear a UK politician take a bold stand on issues, particularly one who is the leader of his party. Amongst his statements:

  • Make Britain greener
  • Support gay and lesbian civil partnerships
  • Stated that even gay marriages were meaningful
  • Protect the NHS (their socialized medicine) from budget cuts
  • Appeared to oppose privatizing NHS
  • Levy higher taxes against carbon-producing companies
  • Support more family-friendly working conditions, including money for childcare
  • Opposed income tax cuts

Of course, it's a given that in the US any politician daring to propose such "liberal" ideas would be ripped to shreds by our right-wing press. It's also worth noting that while he made it clear these were positions he supported, he deliberately avoided describing policies to achieve these goals.

His name? David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party.

Mind you, he was vague on much of this and given that this is the party of Margaret Thatcher, I'm hardly inclined to trust them. However, given what a great Republican Bill Clinton turned out to be, perhaps David Cameron might become the British equivalent of what US Democrats were supposed to be?

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