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Must. Control. Fist. Of. Irony

I reposted my "Socialized What?" post to the "liberal" community. Most of you, like me, probably have LiveJournal email you responses to your posts. I have several responses which have been emailed to me which are not in the thread. They have been deleted, presumably by the post authors.

There's a common theme to the deleted responses. Every one of them attacks the logic of my post. Everyone of them fails to realize the post was satire. I think what happened is the authors read my post, attacked it, then read the comments and felt really, really foolish. I'm so proud :)
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I got it (duh, as you could tell from my comment). And linked to it from my own journal, and passed it to a few friends.
Although I did not pen a reply, I must admit you caught me too. I finally realized about halfway through that you were being ironic and went from "Gasp, I guess I didn't know him at all really" to "YEAH! You sing it Sweetie!"
To be fair, I really was hoping to catch a few friends with that. I was pretty certain that, if nothing else, the 'drug dealer' comments would give it away :)
The thing is you voiced so eloquently exactly how I feel. I have been slammed for being a socialist since high school. I have made the same arguments, but never so clearly as you.
Yeah, but it you sat down and took some time to write it, I'm sure you wouldn't have any problem with it. When I'm slammed about something in a conversation, it can get frustrating to keep track of everything and I do a phenomenally poor job of being articulate. But then I send an absolute cutting email :)
You had me thinking "WTF?" to myself at first; once I finished reading it, I considered responding with simple applause, but got sidetracked by something and never got back to it. Well done. ;)
Damn right!

What's the deal with the FDA! Stopping people from eating e. coli! How the heck is that going to serve evolution? If the FDA didn't exist, our taxes would be lower and the free market would serve the same purpose. Businesses would cheerfully self-investigate to find the root cause because they know that if they don't, people would start buying spinach from some other company. When you buy spinach don't you look at the underside of the label to see who the packing company was and then reference it against a personally-researched list of companies with past problems?!?? Who are these lame-ass people that don't do that? Communists, that's who. They deserve to die.

The FAA is ruining this world too. Tax money for flight controllers? I'm sure the airlines would be much more efficient monitoring flightplans themselves. In fact, if I could give an award it would be to the people that run the Lexington airport. You see, the problem with the FAA is that they waste all this money being too safe. Without good experiments we don't even know how much waste there is. So the Lexington airport management had a great idea. Be the renegades that understaff the airport control tower. Understaff it a little more, a little more. Now cut a few more staff. BOOM! 49 people die and one survive. Now we know how understaffed is "too much". (just add 1 more person and you're "just right"). Yes, they broke the law by understaffing it that much, but in m opinion the manager should received a metal for being brave enough to perform the experiment. Now we know how much waste is in the system. Yes, there was also the matter that the latest maps weren't distributed to the airlines... but don't you think that if the airlines were running the FAA directly they'd have Buck Rogers Teleporter Turbo Lifted Fax Machines that would send the latest maps instantly instead of whatever-the-heck-the-faa-used?

Damn, damn, damn. If I ever update this little rant, I may just have to rip you off and fail to credit you. If I do, I'll slip the word "cheese" in there just so you can know I'm talkin' 'bout you. Cuz nothin' says cheese like a big bucket o' Tom.
Hey, if those bits can't figure out how to not let themselves get plagerized, they'll die and better bits will survive.
Would you like to start a Libertarian parody site? I have tons of ideas like this I want to post.
While the idea is sorely tempting, it also sounds like a huge time commitment. I'm trying to shy away from those right now.