Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Not *quite* homesick

Being sick is, well, being sick. It's not fun, I'm bored, yet I can't seem to concentrate enough to get any work done. No programming for me, much less housework.

The "homesick" comment refers to my walking (stumbling) back from Safeway and seeing a low running wall along the street. All of a sudden, my mind flashed back to a similar wall in Amsterdam. I started thinking about my friends over there and the places I had been. I met my father for the first time while living over there and frankly, the politics are one hell of a lot better than in the US.

When I got home, I pulled out a map of Amsterdam to try and find the location of my apartment just northwest of Bloemenmarkt. I was so homesick for a moment that I felt miserable. The problem is, I only lived there for a short time. Portland is my home. It has been for a decade. I'll just chalk this up to being sick and feeling weird.

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