Socialiazed What?

In the United States, I think it's safe to say that just about all Republicans -- and many Democrats -- are going to object to publicly funded national health care. We hear the same tired refrain over and over again: it's socialized medicine. In this context, "socialized" means to establish or regulate according to the theories of socialism. A lot of people are afraid of the socialist politicians who support this evil idea. Of course, all rational people know government shouldn't own or control anything which represents a public good. You may think that government bureaucracy can do better, but the private market has always proved itself more efficient.

Since I'm not a politician, I don't have to pussyfoot around with half truths. I can say what I really mean. I hate socialists. This country would be better off without 'em and I mean all of 'em.

First on my list are the god-damned cops. We all hate cops anyway, right? Domestic security is a public good and we all know that if we didn't have cops, people would be able to fend for themselves. A perpetual state of fear would make the world a better place. As Robert Heinlein explained it, an armed society is a polite society. When was the last time you ever heard drug dealers giving each other any lip, huh? 'Nuff said.

Next that have to go are firemen. You don't pay your fire bill, they should let your damned house burn. To this day our country has not lived down the disgrace of socialist firemen rescuing red-blooded Americans on 9-11. And what's worse? Some people call these men heroes! I mean, really, what sort of idiot do you have to be to say "yeah, I want to be underpaid to risk my life for ungrateful fucks." A Socialist Idiot, that's what.

And let's not forget our military. Government controlled and funded, through and through. As a child, I cried myself to sleep every time a military doctor helped me live through another asthma attack, knowing that our socialized military and the free medical care this entitled me to was a violation of everything our nation stands for. You remember the Vietnam war? Back then, cooks actually had some training on how to fire a gun. How fucked up is that? You know what a jack of all trades is? A master of none. You didn't hear soldiers praising their god-damned gourmet meals, did you? Hello no. Who do you want backing you up in a firefight? A cook or a professional soldier? What this country needs is three or four private militaries showing the value of competition. The people know that competent management, skilled in maximizing value for the dollar will provide us with the best defense this country can buy.

And the damned congressman voting for more money to throw away on military spending are a bunch of god-damned socialists. Throw the bastards out.
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I'm surprised the damn doctors didn't kill us! They put me in hospital for a week at four years old cause they thought I had cystic fibrosis. Half the time they didn't even know what the hell you had beyond the asthma attacks. You're probably right though.
I'm horribly sleep-deprived so I probably shouldn't be posting right now, but whatever.

Both of my parents have autoimmune diseases. Both require extremely expensive treatments (Enbrel and Remicade). They're expensive because they took a crapload of money to develop and test, not because the manufacturers are greedy. And by "expensive", I mean multi-thousand-dollar doses. This is the sort of treatment that maybe Bill Gates could pay for out-of-pocket.

They have a good health care provider (Kaiser Permanente). It's non-profit, but run in the free market. A box of Enbrel, with enough doses for four weeks, costs $25 through Kaiser; an infusion of Remicaid every six weeks is free.

A lot of Americans don't get this level of care. Probably most don't. That isn't fair.

But is it better to make sure nobody has that level of care? Sure, it'd be fair, but that kind of fair is like killing the survivors of a military operation gone bad, so all of their families can be equally grief-stricken.

If my parents lived in a country with socialized medicine, I suspect that they wouldn't get the medicine they need to function. Or they would have to deal with rationing. Or they would need to spend six months on a waiting list before they could start treatment. Or they would need to worry about the government unilaterally deciding that treating them was no longer in the best interests of the country as a whole (say, because they passed some arbitrary age limit), and have no recourse whatsoever.

My problem with socialism—at least the kind that replaces a system that works for some people with one that doesn't work for anybody—is that it solves "unfairness" by making things as bad for everybody as they are for the bottom 25%. I'd prefer to see a system that treats some people adequately than one that treats everybody inadequately—even if it's equally inadequate.
My father has an immune disorder which attacked his nerwes, leaving him almost paralyzed in his legs.
Thanks to the socialized health-care he got the medications to halt the problem(there is no cure), physioterapy to regain lost strength and some needed rebuilds to the house.

Two weeks ago today, he went under the knife to have a double bypass and a heart-flap replacement. They even paid for his dental care(his teeth was worse than mine) so that there would be less danger of infection.

My brother was very sick when he was born, and needed immediate surgery to live. And no, there was NO WAY my parents could have afforded that back then.

Incidentally, did you know that Norway has the best results when it comes to curing cancer in children?
No other nation can show the same statistics.

Yes, we have problems with long waiting lists, but that's NOT because of inefficient hospitals, but more because of inefficient politicians...
sorry, you're talking bullshit
You've never actually checked the facts and it shows.

The UK has the National Health Service, it also has health insurance and Private Health Services (for everything from a dentist, to hospitals and surgeons).

It's free (or nominal) at the point of care and doesn't discriminate, it has national guidelines and standards for what is available (via NICE), admittedly the system for that isn't perfect so YMMV but it works well most of the time and has been challenged successfully on the occasions it doesn't work well.

The proportion of my Tax that goes into the NHS is pretty Tiny - we spend more on idiotic crap like new nukes, the war in iraq, ID cards and other rubbish than publicly funded hospitals.

The level of care does vary, but considerably less than private healthcare, and it integrates into other elements of social welfare - as with mr lion, we have local social services work with the health experts to sort things like modifications to housing, as well as free parking, car tax, etc.

At the end of the day - despite me being a well paid IT specialist I simply couldn't afford the medical costs for my family in the united states.

Of course I don't want to even holiday there because the airline would have to give all my personal and financial details to the idiots at the 'homeland security' circus, and I'd have to go through the heavy-handed immigration and passport crap, and put up with being in a nation where the (voting) majority are right-wing lunatics who'd vote for an idiot like 'dubya'.
Re: sorry, you're talking bullshit
oops - divided by a common language ;)

... of course that could just be because I've been reading the politicartoons LJ and all the fuckwits on there have coloured my perspective.

Sorry, my bad :)
I have Crohn's, endometriosis, Lupus, they think fibro too now. I have had 15 major surgeries since the age of 17. My mom is gone. the only help i have had for years is state medical and they are the ones who put me on methadone for PAIN. They are starting to use it in all hospitals. Read up on how many people ever get off that crap. It's with drawls are WORSE then heroine. Why are they doing that too people? It's cheap.

For me it's the first time in SEVEN generations of my family I am wanting to leave the states.

All of the male population in my family has served in the military, not one can hold their head up any more. They are all devastated that their sacrifices count for fuck all. Both of my parents were federal employees.

Their own family's can't even get health care, or are like me where I am on state "health" care that has been so cut back I have sat at home in agony for two years because they won't cover surgeries or pain clinics any more, and now they want to do away with it all together. I guess that will keep the population in check. Only the rich will live ,the working class scum like me will be dropping like flies.

The USA is a shity shity place to be when you are chronically ill or know others who are.

My thoughts go out to those too weak to do any thing about it. I am trying i have been fighting along with any one who will listen that this is bringing us back to the dark ages when we had come so far. At least people used to pretend they care what happens to the less fortunate!
Just remember that the cost of your parent's autoimmune disease is the exception rather than the rule. Countries with national health care do OK because most health issues are common health issues and thus don't break the bank.
I have friends who joke that if i tried to kill the idiot in charge i would go to prison, at least there i would get food and health care!
That's frustrating as hell, isn't it? I remember when I desperately needed some ear surgery and I was in danger of dying if I didn't get it. I had to quit a job I enjoyed to take a job I loathed but which offered health care. More than once I was upset because since I was a hard-working, law-abiding citizen, I had less access to health care than convicted murderers.
Everything here in the states is frustrating for me these la England! Not that they don't have their own probs but hey they have health care!

:P i have friends who always offered to let me come live with them... I could say i escaped the Bush presidency in a balooney!(being that would be the only way i could afford to do it,Pirating someone's balloon!. how ever i have no sense of direction......>_<

So how hard is it to get citizen ship over there?8D

You know, i nearly die of envy with every pic you post!i am having my european vacation by err.. osmosis?Touch the pc screen.... mmm hmm!

"The people know that competent management, skilled in maximizing value for the dollar will provide us with the best defense this country can buy."

KBR/Haliburton already being done.