Cleaning time

We have a dress code policy at work that has been effectively "decriminalized" for the programmers, thus leading to the following conversation with someone in finance:

Her: Why do you get to wear jeans to work?
Me: We're cleaning out the CVS repository today.
Her: Oh, that makes sense.

I'm such a jerk.

(If you don't get the joke, don't feel bad. Many who don't work in the computer industry won't.)
cleaning the cvs repository is dirty work, i usually try to get out of it, claiming ignorance :)
*snerk* Must remember that one.

My current working environment has a draconian dress code. No jeans ever, including fridays, and it goes for everyone from the president to the consultants. They did an employee survey a few months back, and evidently that was the biggest gripe.
Do they also forbid corduroy?

You know, the stuff that makes that awful sound when you rub your legs together... or just walk...

Or what about skintight leather pants?
(works better if you're a few Kg overweight... )
First off, that's an awesome joke. In a way, I wish I could use that at times. :D

Secondly, I envy that you at least get CVS. I'm stuck using this piece of crap:

PVCS Version Manager is worse than Visual SourceSafe, which is just really, really annoying. It's super clunky, slow, and we've got a ton of flaky hacks built up around using it for deployment to QA and Production servers (which there's only one of each). It's awful, but it's what we use because of some stupid old contract. Bleh.

I run my own personal SVN repo for my scratch projects and stuff that ready for QA yet, so I don't have to use PVCS a ton, but ugh. Having to use it at all kills me.
Good lord there are still PVCS VM users around other than at my blighted old employer? I feel for you man. But hey, if you ever need a software developer with the ability to make even PVCS 'work' (in some sense) in an agile development environment, my rates are very reasonable!
Sorry, but we're so stodgy that we still use pretty much a waterfall method of development. It's pretty bad and requires a bunch of signing off of crap and giant change requests etc. It's not so enjoyable.

That being said, it was about a 90% raise from my prior employer, so I can't complain too much. :D
That was great. I'm glad I don't have a strict dress code here. Just cant wear anything that will offend others and no swets. Life is good

very funny though.
CVS repository?
I assume it's a computer joke of some kind.... I love my job as far as dress code. I went to work in a bathing suit and shorts a few times when it was so hot and Ben never even batted an eye! LOL
Reponse to re-telling the joke to a friend of mine who lives in Austin, TX:

"I haven't seen the repository at my local CVS."

CVS being the name of a chain of drugstores (chemists, in UK parlance) there.
Sounds like something I'd say and let them make their own mistaken conclusions. ;)
As someone who works in finance, and who is envious of some perceived perks held by the "program staff" (a non-profit term - they who execute the grants, as opposed to those who help account for the use of funds, etc), I think you should be punished thoroughly for making such a jape! You bad man!


lucky you...but at least we get a month of casual wear in summer at my workplace. Summer is definitely over now, it's winter rain and clouds and cold in Seattle