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This is one of my coworkers, Rob Brown.

There's a lot you can say about this, but ultimately I think it boils down to a big bucket of stupid. Yeah, thrill seeking is all well and good but when there's a virtual guarantee of death when something goes wrong, this really means that the risk simply isn't worth it.

Barring something unexpected, I'll be plunging to my death in two weeks. I've already put down my deposit.

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Re: Relax . . . and enjoy your skydive
Cool! *insert sigh of relief here*

We see so many people come in for their first jumps that are so worried and stressed out that they forget to have fun. Like I said, I can't wait to see your video and your reaction!!

Good luck. And don't forget to waive to the Grim Reaper on your way down. :)
Re: Relax . . . and enjoy your skydive
Damn well better be cause I'm gonna dig you up and kick your butt if you don't make it!!! I don't want to say goodbye yet!!