Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Bits and bobs

I've not been posting much lately as a ridiculously huge amount of my time has been spent working on an open source project that has all sorts of fiddly bits I need to attend to, so here's a recent roundup of 'stuff'.

TV Licensing has sent another threat letter to me, letting me know that they're out to get me. What I really appreciated was the following line:

We take TV License evasion very seriously, and last month alone we caught 33.781 evaders.

Now I find that interesting. In their previous threat letter they wrote the following:

Officers from our Enforcement Division catch 93,138 people every year.

Ignoring that they've switched from a comma in the number to a period (presumably they don't mean they caught 'part' of an evader. Periods are sometimes used in numbers where Americans would use commas), but all of a sudden a over a third of their yearly offender list was caught last month alone. Good job guys! There must be a massive action sweeping the entire country looking for people furtively stealing illegal glances at TV. I wonder why I never heard about it? They probably only mentioned it on TV.

In other news, in visiting my London brother, he took me to Hever Castle, the former home of Anne Boleyn. No head, but everything on display was gorgeous.

Click here for decent pictures of the castle and its grounds. Unfortunately, you can't see the interior of the castle because they don't allow photography there.

Oh, and barring something unexpected, tonight I'll be at The Wake. For one reason or another, I've never gotten out to Goth/Industrial nights around here. I'm really looking forward to this.

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