Craigslist prank

You may have already read about the Craiglist "prank" where a guy posted a Craigslist ad and then posted all responses, unedited. I posted such an ad a long time ago and planned to publish the responses, but with images blurred and identifying information removed. I thought the idea was hilarious but after reading through all of the pitiful and often disgusting replies, I couldn't stomach the thought of it. What type of sick person would destroy so many lives like that?

In other news, I'm back from London. Google's Automated Testing Conference was quite nice (and sometimes quite bad), but I'm at work and can't write much about it right now. Though I suspect most folks on this blog wouldn't care :)
The perpetrator in this case seems to be extremely narcissistic and, by all available evidence, completely without empathy for others he deems without merit (or, possibly, anyone at all). We're apparently a culture so desperate for amusement we'll take it at the increasing expense of the naive public, one tiny slice at a time. This whole situation really disturbs me.

I dislike even showing attention to it but I can't help but periodically check on the story to see if he receives any come-uppance for his actions. While I'm not one for exacting vengeance, part of me hopes some manner of consequences (other than Idiot Internet Infamy) arrives from his actions.
Pretty much my feelings.

My other "WTF?" question: Why on earth did so many men feel the need to send pictures of their penis? The mind boggles.
It's a good question! I'm not at all familiar with the 'casual encounters' area of CL, but perhaps this is a common kind of transaction. It could be argued that it was a "good faith" response to what was, ostensibly, a potential partner who initially posted a "naked picture of herself" to begin with?

That said, I'm an utterly paranoid person, and I don't do "good faith" with anything on the Internet. I wouldn't want naked pictures of myself on my own closed network, let alone in the hands of some random stranger.
At least one victim sent an email from a .mil address (stupid) and another one appears to be a Microsoft contractor. I suspect that one or both is going to get a lot of grief from their employers about this. The military guy might very well get court-marshaled for this email since it may be construed as "conducting unbecoming" (though torturing Iraqis seems to be OK).

For many of the victims, they're getting their just desserts (those who are cheating, for example), but for others, the "punishment" could potentially far outweigh the "crime".
One of the people on my friend's list that lives here in Portland did that same prank with people here. The net result was some people who laughed it off and many many people who did not like it and about 15 of his friends defriending him.
Wow. Small world - I sorta know Jason through a friend, although I haven't run across him in a couple of years. He always struck me as an ass and I didn't encourage the acquaintance. Guess I was right.
that is insane, but hey, there's karma. there'll be some sort of cosmic justice somewhere, I'm sure ;-)

I wouldn't mind hearing about the Google conference. Do I have to look elsewhere for your musings??

Do you happen to know (of) Michael "Running" Wolf of the Perl community?? If so, I thought you might like this image of him from last year's Sustainable Ballard Fair (the little non-profit I co-founded) Second picture from the left, it's BallardMan!!! hehe

I hope you're doing well!! You occupy my thoughts from time to time....