In a couple of hours I'll be heading off to Leeds and tomorrow night I'll be going to Birmingham for a Perl conference. I'll return to Nottingham for a few days before heading to London for Google's Conference on Test Automation.

Regarding Google, as of this writing, they still don't have a schedule posted there, nor have they emailed me one. This is not my first time having dealings with Google and for all of their great work, it seems like they're not terribly organized whenever they handle anything which doesn't deal with a software product. This is frustrating because two of the talks I really need to go to might very well run at conflicting times, but I guess I won't find out until I get there.
I would love to, but I don't know if I'll have the time. There are a few folks in London that I've been meaning to meet, but conferences tend to be rather busy :(

In any event, I need to schedule a trip to London just for enjoyment and I'd love to meet up at that point (of course, if you happen to fancy a trip to Nottingham, that works, too :)
Good luck bro! Try to squeeze some fun time in there! Hope it all works out! Hugs!!
sorry i didn't get a hold of you before infest this bank weekend. i was in a bad headspace for awhile and by the time i got out of it, it was almost time for the festival. i think you would have enjoyed it, but i figured you were probably already busy anyway. i hope you can forgive me:)
No worries. I kept meaning to contact you, too, but with the conference planning and a barbecue on that weekend, I didn't think I'd have the time to fit it all in (and though the barbecue was great, I think I really could have used a bit of Infest).