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This ain't Amersterdam

I've now been in England for about as long as I was in Amsterdam. Unlike Amsterdam, I'm not inclined to leave. I don't know a lot of people yet, but the other night I got to hang out with soldatengrab, a local DJ who seems to have great taste in music and lost_in_music_, a techie who's also into photography. I'll have to get a better camera and see if I can get some tips (the latter also turns out to work for the same company as I do).

I just received the following letter in the mail:


To the Legal Occupier,

Our Enforcement Division has identified that there is no record of a TV License at your address, and that you may therefore be watching or recoding television programme services without a valid license. If this is the case, you are breaking the law.

If we find that you watch or record television without a license, your statement will be the first step towards prosecution. Should you be convicted, your name will be added to our National Enforcement Database and the court can impose a fine of up to £1,000.

Officers from our Enforcement Division catch 92,138 people every year.

... snip ...

Hmm, let's see, I gave up TV 21 years ago. I do have a TV, but it came with the flat and sits unplugged, under a table. I don't think I'll worry too much about this. And they catch exactly 92,138 people every year? What is this? Some sort of damned quota and they stop catching 'em after that?

Though I don't plan on moving back, I do miss the hell out of all of you (assuming you were friends of mine back in Portland, of course).

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