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OK, whoever invented sinuses sucks. I am sniffling and miserable and the pollen count in Portland is supposed to increase over the next few days. My friends who look at me are shocked because I've been crying my eyes out -- but it's all because of my damned allergies. Time to head to the store and try and find a better drug. Maybe a pinch of Drano up each nostril ...

Speaking of drugs, Claritin is out. I've been doing some reading on it and apparently, Claritin's effectiveness is vastly overrated. For many people, it has no effect whatsoever. I am one of those people. I just finished reading the conclusions of one study which suggests that Benadryl is much more effective than Claritin. Yup. Good ol' Benadryl. Guess what I'm buying at the store (it's cheaper, too).

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