They have metal karaoke, according to the comments. I'm coming to visit just for that.
metal kareoke has moved to the "salutation inn", supposedly the oldest pub in the world. Several pubs claim this, two of them in Nottingham.. Its rather nice to look at with its medieval structure, and if you ask nicely, they will let you into the caves underneath, as Nottingham is built on a labyrinth of the things, and the ones underneath the pub are in use now as a cellar (though they go off in all directions and people generally arent sure to where).

Metal kareoke is always a great laugh, to see people going mental during guitar solos, and of course, what better than to see a full grown man rip his trousers and underwear down, stuff his genitals between his legs, and prance around singing Marilyn Mansons' "dope show", complete with stuttery walk.
Oh boy. Must see, must participate.

(although I was thinking "Cinderella" and not "Marilyn Manson", I'm sure they're near-equivalent entertainment value.)
Sometimes you just have to drive against traffic on a one way road to get where you need to go.
I've seen worse..

MSN also has a routeplanner, and when planning a route from Stavanger to Trondheim, here in Norway, it suggested that the trip be started with a ferry-trip across to Britain, then down to the channel tunnell and across most of Europe before getting to Oslo and the E6 north to Trondheim...
All in all, about 10 times the distance...
Several map vendors suggest that I use an Interstate that is still being constructed to get around the city. Gotta love data checking.
It would be nice if Gmaps had an "I'm Walking" button that would toggle the algorithm's sensitivity to one-way routes. Or maybe I'm not seeing other problems. :)
Don't cabbies in that part of the world go through long 6 year apprenticeships to ensure they know streets and routes? Trusting Google at all would seem to be the plan of a madman in such circumstances.
I hope you had a pleasant evening in the Speak Easy. I'm a colleague of Mr McHardy's, and so by default, your colleague as well, struggling with the might of the evil Pipex empire. Well good morning, and I'm sure I'll meet you soon enough :)

Had a great time there. I was a bit surprised to find out that he and I work for the same company, only a few blocks away. In any event, I'll likely meet you sooner or later, at a club night if not elsewhere.
Can you check again and report back whether or not Google has fixed the problem?
Could you explain (in terms a non-local would understand) what a better route would be?