Knife Man


So I walk out of Starbucks with my large, skinny, triple mocha. I'm accosted by a cute hippie chick trying to get me to contribute to a charity which tries to make fresh water available in lesser-developed nations. Then she sees the Starbucks cup in my hand.

Her: Oh my god, don't shop at Starbucks!
Me: Why?
Her: They're a bad company!
Me: Why?


Her: They just are! I thought everybody knew that!

You know, I like cute liberal hippie chicks a lot more than Britney-school dropouts, but "cute liberal hippie chicks who like jumping on bandwagons" don't count.

Mind you, this has nothing to do with whether or not Starbucks is bad. It has everything to do with her making an assertion without knowing what she's talking about. In fact, for most of you, I doubt I'd even have to include that last sentence, but I've discovered that my speech professor in college was right. He would lower my grade because I didn't include a summary at the end of my speeches. I thought they were irrelevant. I'm learning now that a lot of folks have to have it spelled out.
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i hate starbucks cause they are so f'ing expensive, but then i pretty much hate every coffe chain for the same reason. that and i don't drink coffee :)
People who protest companies/activities/etc without knowing why they're protesting should have their hair set on fire. And possibly their eyebrows.

I once had someone argue with me over dinner that the seal hunt was evil, though she couldn't explain why other than "butchering helpless baby seals". I explained the fallacy of that, and pointed out the irony of her criticizing the seal hunt whilst eating veal.

The reason there were less of the grownup buggers to kick me when I worked on my uncle's farm... :-)

Now, what to make for dinner...
Maybe a casserole with some of the whale-meat I have in the freezer?
Hmm, I don't eat veal, but I do eat farm-fresh eggs. Does that make me a hypocrite since those are basically chicken abortions?
Hey, if you're comfortable eating them, who am I to fault you? :D

I eat veal. And seal meat. Then again, I grew up in an environment where everyone hunted to feed their families and very few would shell out the cash for store-bought meat (way up north, way overpriced, poor quality meat to boot)... different mentality, really.
If they were fertilized eggs, then I'd call them chicken abortions.

But hens produce eggs whether or not there's a rooster around. I prefer the term chicken menstruations, personally.

(I don't eat eggs, but only because I don't like them)
Of course they're evil. They sell HOT coffee, right?
That's practically a WMD these days..
Alas, I see that kind of herd mentality on both ends of the political spectrum. I've grown a huge distaste for the sheeplike members of the left, who follow all the appropriate creed and conventions without bothering to think for themselves (and be able to defend their positions rather than mindlessly regurgitating their prescribed commandments).

Of course, I share the same distaste for the right-wing sheeps too....

-Mo ("you can find me, left of center...")
See, I hate coffee so I would agree with the hippie. But, I also agree with the bandwagon-I actually notice this mentality with people as I get older more and more.
Unfortunately, yes, one does need to spell things out most of the time.

Everyone has their own filters, and people grab onto the first thing that triggers them.

And yes, I agree that group-think is one of the most unproductive mentalities to have.
I think she may have been referring to the oversized blueberry muffins. At up to 600 calories (!), they're quite evil.
Grumble grumble typical herd-following idiot, see also Goths.

She's right about Starbucks being evil though - they're evil because their coffees are over-priced and not very good, and because when they can't drive nearby decent coffee shops out of business they just buy them out and dumb them down.
Zombies say it best.. Brains!
I just wish more people used them for more than Zombie chow.