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So I walk out of Starbucks with my large, skinny, triple mocha. I'm accosted by a cute hippie chick trying to get me to contribute to a charity which tries to make fresh water available in lesser-developed nations. Then she sees the Starbucks cup in my hand.

Her: Oh my god, don't shop at Starbucks!
Me: Why?
Her: They're a bad company!
Me: Why?


Her: They just are! I thought everybody knew that!

You know, I like cute liberal hippie chicks a lot more than Britney-school dropouts, but "cute liberal hippie chicks who like jumping on bandwagons" don't count.

Mind you, this has nothing to do with whether or not Starbucks is bad. It has everything to do with her making an assertion without knowing what she's talking about. In fact, for most of you, I doubt I'd even have to include that last sentence, but I've discovered that my speech professor in college was right. He would lower my grade because I didn't include a summary at the end of my speeches. I thought they were irrelevant. I'm learning now that a lot of folks have to have it spelled out.
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