What's in your playlist?

The CultSaints Are Down
Rage Against the MachineWake Up
The Disposable Heroes of HiphoprisyLanguage of Violence
Rob ZombieDragula
PigfaceMiss Sway Action
ChristopherYou're So Sexual
Violent FemmesGone Daddy Gone
NeubatenEin Stuhl in der Hoelle
SpearheadCrime to be Broke in America
Violent FemmesPlease Do Not Go
PigfaceMind Your Own Business
The CrüxshadowsReturn
Rob D.Clubbed to Death
The CultJoy
SpearheadRock the Nation
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Bom-Bom, rock the nation
take over television and radio station

Bom-Bom the truth shall come
give the corporation some complication!

Ok, I only know about 1/2-2/3 of those, but judging from the ones I do know, I'm sure I'd dig the others too!
Pigface, Pigface. Get your head out of my face, will ya?

And I notice that, as of this post, you still haven't answered the question of whether or not you've actually heard them. Of course, even I have to admit that "The Horse You Rode In On" is not a song that I'd play at a church social any time soon.
Hmmm. Maybe not. I might have been thinking of pigFACE. I like "Babe", though...that must count for something in pigland.