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Edgar Allan Poe

As some of you know, my full name is Curtis Allen Poe (note the middle name is spelled differently than the famous Edgar). I was named after my great-grandfather, Curtis Allen Tom. Naturally, given the last name, I'm constantly asked if I'm any relation. I've always answered "no" because Poe was adopted as a child, never fathered children (that anyone knows of) and died with no known living relatives.

Cut to my paternal great-grandparent's tombstone:

Great grandmother's tombstone

Great grandmother Birdie Poe apparently claimed that we were related to "the" Poe. I knew this was preposterous, but in doing a little digging around, it appears that Poe's mother gave birth to three children and if that's true, my understanding of the situation was wrong. I doubt I'll be able to find anything out over the Web and since Birdie Poe is dead, I can't ask why she thought we were related, but it's interesting nonetheless (in a "trivia" sort of way. It's pretty damned useless).

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