Edgar Allan Poe

As some of you know, my full name is Curtis Allen Poe (note the middle name is spelled differently than the famous Edgar). I was named after my great-grandfather, Curtis Allen Tom. Naturally, given the last name, I'm constantly asked if I'm any relation. I've always answered "no" because Poe was adopted as a child, never fathered children (that anyone knows of) and died with no known living relatives.

Cut to my paternal great-grandparent's tombstone:

Great grandmother's tombstone

Great grandmother Birdie Poe apparently claimed that we were related to "the" Poe. I knew this was preposterous, but in doing a little digging around, it appears that Poe's mother gave birth to three children and if that's true, my understanding of the situation was wrong. I doubt I'll be able to find anything out over the Web and since Birdie Poe is dead, I can't ask why she thought we were related, but it's interesting nonetheless (in a "trivia" sort of way. It's pretty damned useless).

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Poe's real name is Ann Danielewski, anyway. Or was there some other famous Poe?
Cmon. Useless? Being related to Poe would be really handy in scoring with literate goth chicks!
Damn! I wish I'd have known! I actually met and talked to her twice in the past 18 years. I'd have asked her all kinds of questions if I'd known! It never even dawned on me!
Just depends on where on the web you look!
(I ran into this and thought I might help out. I sometimes know specific sites for categories of searches - I direct people to the two sites I mention below before "praying to Google" (grin) for family history/genealogy searches, for instance!)

Here's a quick (2 minutes) try on [putting in Eliza Poe's maiden name, born in 1787 in England and seeing what I get - this is one of 4 correct ones out of the 13 answers I get]:


1787 London, London, England
08 DEC 1811

Father: HENRY ARNOLD Family

Form submitted by a member of the LDS Church. The form lists the submitter's name and address and may include source information. The address may be outdated. Details vary. To find the form, you must know the batch and sheet number.

Source Information:
Batch Number: 5026259
Sheet: 21
Source Call No.: 1553833 Type: Film
Off-web, you could try getting the microfilm referred to from the LDS Family History Center nearest you and see if you can get any more information, too.

It would have been better if somebody had made an "Ancestral File" submission with her name in it (the IGI is an index of individual people, not family trees - that's what the Ancestral File is), but between (a different, commercial outfit) and, you may (actually, it's pretty likely) actually be able to verify whether this is true or not!