Damn it!

Hmm, why's my Internet connection so flaky? It's been slow for a while. Today I realized why.

When I first set up my wireless connection, I had problems getting my encryption working. So I left it open and figured I'd deal with it later. There are so many wireless connections in my building that I stupidly thought that everyone who wanted one had one. Today it finally dawned on me to check and, sure enough, someone's been using my open wireless. Shame on me. It took me about half an hour of futzing around with it, but I finally locked it down.

Now my connection's no longer dropping and the Intarwebs are faster than ever!
I'm so glad I have broad band. LOL Hope all is going well with you. I'm off to Port Aransas! I'm giving myself a mini holiday!
Don't forget to give your PC a good examination...

Who knows what kind of viruses were on the other computers using your network...

Anyway, my bet is that those you used your network probably never even realised they were on the wrong one...
(Unless you had changed your SSID, of course?)
I know, people are so inconsiderate, I had to stop running an open network in London because all my neighbours would switch over to mine for their bittorrenting.
Sneaky internet theives. I steal wireless from Starbucks and the Hilton downtown but not some regular joe shmoe.