The Republicans are *still* lying to you

You might think that this Al Gore spoof is funny. It looks kind of like a funny homemade video, uploaded by someone calling themselves toutsmith. In the video, Al Gore is boring a bunch of Linux penguins to death with his charts about global warming. He even uses the charts to show how global warming is responsible for everything from the Middle East conflicts to how skinny Lindsey Lohan is. So who the hell is "toutsmith"?

Well, we know he created his Youtube account two months ago (as of this writing). He's uploaded only one video, also two months ago. He's also better known as DCI, a Republican PR firm that has Exxon as a client, amongst others. Exxon claims to know nothing about the video and DCI says that "[they] do not disclose the names of [their] clients, nor do [they] discuss the work [they] do on behalf of [their] clients."

Nice to know the Republicans are still fighting this issue when even George Bush admits that humans are partially responsible for global warming. Of course, he also made it clear he would refuse to accept any attempts to impose limits on carbon emissions. Isn't that kind of like admitting that Russian Roulette is stupid but refusing the pull the gun from your head?

George Bush isn't that stupid, though. He knows Russian Roulette is stupid, but he's holding the gun to the collective heads of our children. Thanks George!

(Update: fixed the first link to point to the video it's supposed to point to.)
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[begin devil's advocate/Republican rebuttal BS; tongue lodged in cheek so hard that it is coming out the side of my jaw]
Dear Sir:

You moved to England, so you don't get to discuss nor care about the US anymore; you just cut and run, and you don't care about Amerka any longer. So shut up.

Secondly, Youtube is not an important venue for all things video. Myspace is only around for child predators, and livejournal is just for teenagers. So, you're wrong about the importance of that.

Thirdly, Republicans are honest and forthright. Additionally, God favours us, so we're right, you're wrong, and neener neener. Global warming is a hoax perpetuated by the liberal media. You see, if we cut our CO2 emissions, it will hurt our economy. How? Well, we still haven't really figured that out yet, but all the oil companies tell us that so it must be true. Oh, and O'Reilly and Hannity probably said it once, so it is true as well.

Lastly, I will now bury my head in the sand. There is no reason to investigate anything and Gore boring penguins is just funny. As funny as when I shoot those Bud cans off the stump over the swamp (before I cleared the swamp, that is).



I've always been amused/scared by the the "God is on our side" arguments. Frankly, if they really believed in the God of the Bible, they wouldn't be acting the way they do. Of course, I speak of stereotypical "right wing" Christians, not the silent masses who are, regrettably, silent.

As an excellent counter-point, there's a very devout British Christian named Simon Cozens who has interesting things to say about US Christians. (I only know of him because he's also a famous Perl programmer).
you know this isn't just going to effect or children but us I mean in ten years we are going to have a real frickin problem and it seems like no one even cares at all
Yeah, I think it's affecting us already. The past 10 years in the UK have been rather hot summers and they've had people dying from heatwaves. I don't think this is entirely coincidence, but then, I've noticed even a lot of folks who say that global warming is real are denying that what we're seeing now is from global warming. They keep thinking it will happen later.

Personally, I think New Orleans will be remembered as one of the first great casualties of the climate change.
there were so many hurricanes in 2005 that they actually ran right through the list of preset names and had to start using greek names
Being a fan of scifi, I can't help but think of all the various future histories authors have built where the climate is absolutely fucked (foremost in my mind are the Shadowrun backstory, which has a huge flood with toxic chemicals wiping out half of Germany, and of the climate in Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn trilogy, where humans can only survive on Earth in Arcologies because of the so-called "Armada Storms").

Science fiction authors have long been the forecasters of the future (that's their job), but no one's listening to them either.
Why the hell can't they prohibit destroying and building on rain forest land and such? There are lots of other places that would be suitable especially since we could plant trees and such to a degree that would effect the weather. We can launch a man or monkey into space but we can't control our own excesses............ PULLEEEEZE Surely there has to be a way to slow it down and eventually reverse it. At least stop killing our ecology! I never went to college but hell, even I know how important trees and plants are to our weather patterns.