November 4th, 2004



OK, I'm kind of trying to sort this one out. Many people are happy about November 2nd; many people are not. Naturally, those who are not are venting, trying to find some way of dealing with their grief and yes, some of them will post it online.

Curiously enough, it's been my experience (and a couple of good friends have said much the same thing) that in real life, people have been very respectful about this. The conservatives I know haven't been gloating to me, nor have I heard anyone in real life tell someone to "stop whining."

All bets are off, though, when someone is hiding at their keyboard. Can we try to show a little respect? I remember crying at a good friend's funeral. No one was so callous as to tell me to "suck it up and be a man." When a friend of mine lost her job and was crying miserably, I didn't tell her to "grow up." When a couple I know recently put down their cat and were mourning, I didn't say "it's just a cat." Were any of those things said, the person saying them would be rightly deemed an asshole.

The Web seems to bring out the worst in people. Many have no compunction about saying stuff like this while sitting safely at their computer, secure in their anonymity. I know it's asking a lot of many who use the 'net, but for the love of whatever you hold dear, be respectful about this and let people grieve.
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The Ear and the Republican

Today I went down and had a hearing test and saw the doctor for a surgery follow-up. While it's not completely healed, my hearing is considerably better than it was. I saw the hearing charts and my right ear is almost as good as my left, now.

And I just received a very interesting email from someone I know who used to be fairly high up in Oregon State Republican circles (I really can't more than that):
Don't get me wrong I'm not the least bit thrilled with what Bush has done
the past 4 years. And I hate to admit it but you were right about him being
a dunce. I'll just 4 more years of what I know as oppose to 4 years with
someone phony who was described on the radio this morning as follows:

"If Kerry was woman he'd want a Purple Heart every time he had his period."

So it's certainly not what I would want to hear, but I think it shows again that many people do not support Bush. They simply bought into the perception of Kerry that the Republicans painted.