You know, I almost like the movie AI. Almost. If they had just chopped off that stupid ending with the other robots and just let the little boy robot die at the bottom of the ocean, the film would have been disturbing, but complete. Today, I stumbled across a beautiful parody of the script which is also a viciously accurate review of the movie. Many other great parodies can be found there.

Joe-Bob sez "check it out".

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Re: Thanks

Hmm ... this appears to be my week for having strange people reply in my journal. It's also a "German" day for me as you're from Germany and I get two emails from German friends today, one of which was urging me to apply for a job in Hamburg. If I were one of those weird people who believes in fate or "signs", I'd think something was up :)

I saw the Perlmonks reference in your last post. Are you friends with theorb? (never mind, I just his journal :)

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Maybe this'll help. 'Schiffbruechige' is a direct translation of 'castaway' (That was taken when I created my Journal)

But I guess you figured out who I am anyway :)

(Hamburg ahh.. Big city, not bad.. If you like big cities that is..)
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mm.. I could say 'why not?' ;) Actually she's been my constant companion for about the last five years, acquired during the last offial going-out with an ex-bf (a MacDonalds freebie, but thats beside the point :).. And lives in the left pocket of whatever jeans/shorts Im wearing, usually peering out at the world. (Damn, theres a pic from a mud party somewhere, but I can't find it.. *sigh*)

(The original image is linked on my PM homenode..)