Watch for Ice

Out of touch

Just an FYI: I won't have internet access at my flat until the 25th at the soonest. As a result, I can't update as frequently.

In the meantime, I'm trying not to die. We're having a heatwave and my apartment was 37 degrees (almost 99 Fahrenheit) when I get home and this makes trying to sleep hell. I have a door in my bedroom which opens to the terrace and my bedroom cooled to 29 degrees (84 Fahrenheit), but that's still pretty miserable to sleep in with this humidity. I thought about sleeping with my door open, to be honest.
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That heat wave must be travelling the span of the world. It was in the East coast last week and this week Portland is looking at 100+ temp on the weekend. Yikes, that's too hot for Portland. The record is 107F but we will get close to it.
Sheesh. That's terrible.

Our temperature for the next five days is supposed to hit a high of 27 (~81 Fahrenheit) each day, so we'll be cooling off a touch, but not that much by local standards.

When I commented to a colleague that the high was "only" supposed to be 27, he replied "It still begins with a two!"
Get thee to a shop and pick up a standing fan. I assume they have such a thing in the UK? It really helps, even in extreme heat.
well that sucks!

What about asking them to hold one for you when they get a shipment? Or perhaps ordering online? That heat just sounds unpleasent. It does seem to be going around though.. Montreal's been swelteringly hot too.
Please don't expire. Drink LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of (good) water. This will help tremendously.

I'm going to PDX this weekend, and it's going to be sweltering (mid-90's in Seattle, with ~106F predicted for PDX). I'm sad I won't see you there....but I'll be thinking of you (and sending cooling thoughts your way :-)
We're fleeing the sweltering confines of Portland this weekend and heading to the beach.
If you can locate a fan, but a bowl of ice in front of it so it blows cooler air on you.
Missing you. A lot.
I'm envious. Das Beach, I assume?

If I can locate a fan, I still have to locate ice. I don't have any ice trays yet.

I miss you, too. A lot.
Take a cold shower and go to bed wet! LOL It sounds nasty but that's what I did when we lived in that horrid house in Zuehl back in high school. Also keeping a spray bottle full of cold water to spritz yourself is amazing!
Perhaps you should sleep on your terrace. Why o why don't have sleeping porches anymore. *sigh*