Charmed Life

So today I went down to apply for my National Insurance Number. I didn't have all of the paperwork I needed, but they said that was fine. Also, my signature didn't quite match my passport so they had me practice it until it did, thus improving my chances of having everything go through smoothly.

I also found out that I've been accepted for my flat! I move in Thursday. Of course, that still means that I have two days where I have to crash on a coworker's floor.

No it doesn't. Seems that the hotel, Pilcher Gate, had the days wrong and I'm paid up through Thursday.

There is the matter of timing, though. Do I need to leave Thursday before I can get the keys to my flat? "No, don't be silly. We're not evicting you! Take as much time as you need."

And later in the conversation with Val, the lady who takes care of things at Pilcher Gate:

"What? You don't have pots and pans and stuff? Don't worry about that. I have extras in the basement. I'll pack up some pots and pans and silverware and stuff and leave them in your room. Is black all right? I only have black plates and bowls, not the nice white ones you have now."

Damn! I need to go down and find a nice bottle of wine for her.

I'm just waiting for something to go wrong. Despite minor glitches here and there, everything has been smooth sailing. People are friendly, the weather is great, and there have only been two murders and one stabbing since I've been here (all in clubs a few blocks from where I live).

By this weekend, I fully expect to be relaxing on my terrace, eating marmalade on toast and drinking tea.
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Excellent :0) Keep that run of luck going.

You are becoming all English as well, calling it your flat. Excelpt we 't say 'through Thursday', we'd say 'until Thursday'
Glad to hear that everything's falling into place for you. And now you'll even have plates upon which you can enjoy your toast!
An innkeeper, on going to bed (later than his clients), sits down on the edge of his bed and takes off one shoe, dropping it tiredly on the floor. Realising the racket he's just made, he takes the other one off and quietly sets it down. Forty-five minutes later, he hears the customer in the room below shout through the floorboards "DROP THE OTHER SHOE ALREADY!"
Brandon and I believe in something like that if you make the right choices, and take care of all that you can possibly take care of, the rest will fall into place.

I'm glad to hear things are shaping up!

yay! That is good news times several. Dont count on the weather, tho!!