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LJ Match continued

I was reading a friend's journal and noticed that she had entries not on my LJ Match list, so I regenerated the list and noticed that quite a few new people. It seems to be pretty popular. However, I noted that pdx42 took issue with some of the results for him, so I'm not surprised that some of these seem a bit out of whack. Anyone else think that the results are questionable?

dominatri 102%
ntnrmlgirl 100%
darkboy23 98%
drokk 98%
theorb 97%
pdcawley 95%
synthcat 95%
carolee 95%
razorslave 94%
sodapopprincess 92%
aleeka 91%
rozallin 91%
hrpukensheet 89%
djophelia 89%
davorg 88%
celibot 87%
pdx42 87%
princessjd 84%
ladyraven13 80%
koschei23 78%
fireesin 69%
fishcat 69%
How compatible with me are YOU?
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