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Nice bathrobe, lady.

So I looked out of my bedroom door to see what the noise was. I had never seen her before, but there, standing in my apartment, was a beautiful, tanned woman wearing naught but a bathrobe and an awkward smile. Regrettably, the story's not nearly as pleasant as it could have been. Seems the woman got lost in the hotel and thought my room was hers. That's when we discovered that my back door doesn't lock unless you wiggle it. I should have gotten her name.

I might add that the situation was not as odd as it sounds. Since this place is for longer stays, it has laundry facilities in the back hallways which is why she was there in her bathrobe.

In other news, still trying to work on getting back to Portland for OSCON. Not sure if I can. Schwern and I discussed what we would do in the talk and it's slowly taking shape. Basically, we're going to run the risk of having programmers actually code along with us as we teach them how to write tests. Should be interesting.

I went looking for apartments today. After seeing a bunch of them, I was finally shown the one in the Lace Market I was interested in. Though I had only seen the outside of the building, the location seemed perfect. I was warned before walking in that it was not the largest apartment I was being shown, so I knew better than to get my hopes up. As soon as I walked in, I knew it was the apartment I wanted. One wall is solid windows and the terrace is nice. The apartment itself has high ceilings and wooden beams across them. I immediately paid the fees for the company to check my background, thus taking the flat off the market. If all goes well, I should be in there within a week!

In other news, I just downloaded Skype and, despite my pathological aversion to paying for things online, I went ahead and bought some time on it. I can make international calls to all of the countries I want for about $2.00 an hour! That's far better than the $1.00 a minute I was being charged on my cell phone. I should have done this long ago, but procrastinating is my middle name.

Now where was that lady with the bathrobe ...

(On a side note, I should stop using the "travel" tag. I live here now.)
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